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Have pesto in stags

The toasties and pizza menus in stags say pesto yet they never have it. Either take it off the menu or order it in, or just buy it from the susu shop.

Submitted on Tuesday 19th March 2019


Hi there,

Appoligies this wasn't updated sooner. We spoke to the bars manager who assured it was just that they ran out on a particular day. Occassionaly toppings will be out but we do try ourbest t make sure this rarley happens. We will alsobe looking to expand our stag's food ffer, so hopefully there'll also be a panini station soon!


Fiona Sunderland VP Activities (UnionServices comes under Emily, SUSU President's remit, for further information she can be contacted

Friday 13th Sep 2019 4:54pm


  • Forwarded to Sports Development
    Friday 22nd Mar 2019 1:19pm


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