Ensure computers go to ‘sleep mode’ when not in use

Anonymous submitted on

Thursday 21st March 2019


Loads of computer rooms on campus have their computers ‘awake’ when not in use. Thinking of the 100s of PCs on campus, this is a massive waste of energy, especially overnight. 

For example, ECS labs (B16/B59) monitors stay on permanently, why not automatically have the computer sleep after 15 minutes when a user is not logged in? The monitor would then automatically go into power-save mode. This is the case on many campus computers.

Auto-sleeping the computers would save a great amount of energy. Otherwise, at least promote putting the computer to sleep in each computer room!


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Students' Union replied on

Tuesday 11th Jun 2019 3:04pm

Hi there, 

Thank you for your submission. I have contacted ISolutions and here is their response:


This is a really important point, and the University is keen to save energy where possible.


Typically, monitors in Common Learning Spaces (CLS) are configured to “sleep” after:

- 10 minutes, when user is logged off between 8am to 6pm

- 2 minutes, when user is logged off between 6pm to 8am, and all day Saturday and Sunday


Due to some specialist software needing to run without interruptions, PCs do not enter sleep mode between 8am to 6pm weekdays, but outside of this time they enter sleep mode after 5 minutes.


In regards to the ECS labs, a request was made to iSolutions to keep the monitors ‘awake’ between 8am - 6pm on weekdays. We will revisit this with ECS during the summer to ensure that monitors are turned off out of business hours, however the PCs are required to remain ‘awake’ as the labs are going to be operating on a 24 hour bases to allow access for remote use.


Thanks very much for this suggestion, we’ll be sure to explore this further.


I hope this helps answer your query. 


Best wishes, 


Isabella Camilleri 

VP Welfare




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    Friday 22nd Mar 2019 1:06pm


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Alexander Sadler commented on

Monday 25th Mar 2019 7:43pm

Sleep on a five minute timer. People would have to wait an extra 10 seconds to use the computer - it wouldn't be the end of the world.

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