bring back laughter lounge!

Anonymous submitted on

Saturday 20th April 2019


Laughter lounge was a really great event put on by SUSU when I was in first year, it's such a shame it's not running anymore. It seemed to be really well attended and I think people would be willing to pay more if it was back on. Comedy is super healing for stressed out students and there were some great names that came to perform at laughter lounge. I know lots of people miss it! 


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Students' Union replied on

Wednesday 9th Oct 2019 11:27am

Hi there,

Thank you for your submission.

I've spoken to the events team and unfortunatley Laughter Lounge wasn't a viable option hence why it had to stop doing it a while back.

However they have said they will definitley be able to look into comedy events to put on in the future so hopefully there may something in the near future.

If you are interested in comedy I would check out Comedy Society  ( ) aswell as being able to take part, they do hold regular comedynights which you can go watch.



Emily Harrison

President 2019-20


  • Forwarded to Sports Development

    Friday 3rd May 2019 1:07pm


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