Non university students in Hartley Library

Anonymous submitted on

Saturday 25th May 2019


I want to know why students that are studying for GCSE and A Level exams are allowed to use the university library when it's peak exam season. These people make the library louder, busier and warmer, yet they don't study here.

I don't understand why we have to pay £9250 to come to the university and use the resources here, and they seem to get to do the same for free.


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Joanne Lisney submitted on

Friday 16th August 2019



I now have a response from the library. Please see below:

'Thank you for your feedback; our Library Leadership Team has discussed this issue but it has been agreed to continue to allow collecge students to use the Library. Every user of the Library has to abide by Library Regulations and we will not tolerate any user abusing these and will deal with this approriately. We allow six form /college students into the Library and also students from other university libraries (as there are reciprocal arrangements). We have been monitoring the space of the Library and particularly throughout the exam periods and we have not reached maximum capacity; we also have put in additional seats to increase study capacity. We have not received any complaints about behaviour of these students this year. We have a texting service which we have put in place to deal with any difficult behaviours; there is also email and chat and staff are available to deal with any complaints face to face. I would advise all students to either to user the text service, use email or chat if they face any issues which prevents them from studying in the Library. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Kind regards,

Jo Lisney (VP Education & Democracy 2019-20,