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Get SUSU shop to push milk further into the fridges

The last few times I have bought milk in the SUSU shop, it has already gone bad even though it's in date. My friend has also had the same issue, but has noticed milk at the back of the fridge is usually fine. 

Please could you ask SUSU shop to keep milk further back in the fridges? Or get closed fridges for fresh dairy items? I't just such a shame that I've had to pour away many bottles of new, in-date milk because the shop is not keeping it porperly.

Submitted on Thursday 18th July 2019


Hi Stella,

I've had a look in the shop and have spoken with the staff. The fridges are industry specific and are tempreature controlledand there isn't any difference between the tempretature thourought the fridge - if there was we'd have problems with all the refridgrated food. We have made the shop manager aware and she will monitor it, but if you are having a lot of issues with this happening please let us know as it could be an issue somewhere in the transport and we can investigate further. If you have any queries you can find Hollie the shop manage in the office at the back of the shop or you can come speak to the sabbs at the front of Building 42.



Fiona Sunderland - VP Activities (on behalf of Emily Harrison

Friday 13th Sep 2019 12:02pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 13th Sep 2019 11:53am


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