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Add a breavment fund for students who’s parents have passed away

I really think they could do with as much support as possible. 

Submitted on Friday 2nd August 2019



Thanks again for your submission. 

I spoke to Student Services and there is already the student support fund, which students who have specific needs like travel costs etc related to bereavement. 

If the student who has experienced bereavement is therefore in need of more financial assisstance overall with their studies and living costs, then student finance has an option to reapply with extenuating circumstances to reconsider your loan. 

SUSU's overall budget comes from the Univeristy so we unfortunately do not have the financial means to set up a fund specifically for students on our side, however the university have dedicated support budgets to help students. 

If you would like more information, the Advice Centre in Building 40 (above stags) can help students write the application to the student support fund, and student services over in building 37 can also give more information. 

Hope this helps! 


VPWAC 19/20


Friday 16th Aug 2019 11:58am


Thanks so much for your submission. I agree with you, there needs to be more support for those who have experienced bereavement. 

I have a feeling the University already do something that involves this, so I will investigate and get back to you. 


Laura, VP WAC 


Monday 12th Aug 2019 4:42pm

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