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Investigate gambling/drinking/drug addiction within the student populace

It has been brought to my attention that there are students who are at risk of, or suffering from gambling addiction. So, I thought that it may be helpful to investigate at what scale alcohol, drug and gambling addiction is a problem in Southampton and to offer advice to students on how to avoid getting addicted and how to seek help if they feel like they are.

Submitted on Tuesday 6th August 2019


Hi there, 

After some intial consultation and planning, unfortunately I do not have the capacity to take this on as an entire project. It would require massive amounts of student consultation, campaigns and funding. Instead, I am working with a student to get started some support groups on campus for drug addiction with the charity No Limits, and we are taking out the fruit machines in the Stags.

If you would like to run a campaign, I am more than happy to facilitate and support you in that, however I cant take it all up myself! 


Laura Barr 

VP Welfare and Community


Wednesday 18th Dec 2019 11:38am


Thanks for this- I've began investigating this and will be updating you as I go along! 

I agree this could be an issue that we need to tackle! 

Feel free to email me if you would like to be involved as a student or talk about it further at 


Laura, VP Welfare 


Monday 12th Aug 2019 4:19pm


  • Forwarded to Vice President Welfare and Community
    Monday 12th Aug 2019 4:18pm


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