get their merch from an ecologically and ethically sustainable source (if that's not the case yet).

Gilles Moehl submitted on

Sunday 1st September 2019


University merch is bought by so many people every year, so why not make it sustainable? There is a local company I learned about when looking for a place to get my band's merch made and I found one which is literally on the Isle of Wight, running on renewable energy, using only ethically sourced organic cotton for their shirts and hoodies and whatever else they make. A custom printed shirt of theirs is less than 20 GBP, which is absolutely affordable in my opinion. Is that something we could do? They are called RAPANUI, Cheers, Gilles


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 13th Sep 2019 11:53am

Hi there,

Thank you for this You Make Change! We do offer a sustainable eco range, bought to you by Uniwear. They are the main suppliers to other unions and universites nationally and use ethical cotton, eco-friendly printing and no longer use plastic to transport goods to us. 

Whilst it has been slow in coming in, we are slowly getting there as our suppliers work with us to make our sustainable wear here at University of Southampton.


Kind regards on behalf of Emily Harrison (Union President 2019-20,,

Jo Lisney (VP Education & Democracy 2019-20,



  • Forwarded to Union President

    Friday 6th Sep 2019 9:25am


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