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Remove the fruit machines in the Stags

I believe the fruit machines in the Stags should be removed. The union shouldn’t be promoting gambling, especially in a setting where students are usually inhebriated. 

Submitted on Monday 16th September 2019



Thanks for your submission. 

The Director of Union Services has a meeting next Tuesday to get the fruit machines out and replace them with other machines. There will still be one left as though we agree gambling is an issue students are affected by, taking away the symptom of that wouldnt be solely the answer. We are instead taking out 2 and keeping one, with gamble aware posters on the other one. 

Hopefully this is a good start to tackling a wider issue 


Laura Barr

VP Welfare and Community 


Friday 13th Dec 2019 1:43pm


  • Forwarded to Vice President Welfare and Community
    Friday 20th Sep 2019 1:14pm


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