Sabs working at other sites

Kunal Namjoshi submitted on

Monday 23rd September 2019


When do the SUSU sabs plan on working from alternative campus sites during this upcoming year?

This motion was suggested by myself to Emily Harrison during one of my last meetings as MedSoc President. I have not heard about any progress since then.


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Emily Harrison submitted on

Thursday 26th September 2019


Hi Kunal,

Thank you for your You make Change submission.

We are planning to work from sites from the second week of term (After 6th October) as before this time we are engaged with Freshers activity and welcome talks. This is something I something I have spoken with Abdullah, current MedSoc President, and Ray, current Medicine Faculty Officer, about this so conversations have progressed. We will be working in the MedSoc office whilst at SGH one day a week.

I also have a draft rota but it's not yet finalised. Once it is, it wll be shared on all of our social media channels.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to drop me an email to

Kind regards,

Emily Harrison,

President, 2019-20.

Question for: Union President