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Put cheap coffee vending machines that make quality coffee.

I think that coffee should be cheaper on campus. The reason for that is that a lot of people consume it. Some in a more moderate manner. The current price which is about 2 pounds is a bit high. Maybe if we could get quality coffee for a pound it will make big impact on the overall productivity of the student population.

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Submitted on Tuesday 1st October 2019


Hi Dragomir,

Thank you for taking the time to put in a You Make Change submission!

The Students Union provides a range of coffees at various prices to suit all tastes and price points. The best value offer we have is in the new Plant Pot, which offers a cup of coffee for £1. Our vended offer in the shop starts at £1.65 followed by our Barista served coffee in the Bridge at £1.75. All prices are if you bring your own reusable cup (* ours are £6 if you wish to purchase one) but we do charge 25p extra in all venues for those that choose to use the disposable option. Even our most expensive coffee is still cheaper than any of the non SUSU operations on Highfield for most coffees but if you are after a bargain then head to the Plant Pot!

Any further questions, please get in touch with me via

Kind regards,

Emily Harrison

Union President, 2019/20

Wednesday 23rd Oct 2019 5:11pm


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    Friday 4th Oct 2019 1:14pm


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