SUSU's Brexit concerns

Anonymous submitted on

Monday 21st October 2019


I'm writing this in response to SUSU's recent survey about the possibility of a no-deal Brexit. SUSU say that there is "damage for EU and international students". I simply ask if SUSU could instead focus on students interests internally within the university, rather than trying to focus externally and politically by providing statements without any basis of fact or evidence. Maybe if SUSU focus more on internal issues then they remove their reputation as being out of touch with students.

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Laura Barr submitted on

Friday 25th October 2019



Thank you for your submission. 

When you say that SUSU should focus on internal students within the University, I would like to point out that by current numbers, we have over 4000 students from the EU, and over 6000 International students. We also have a large cohort of home students who are or will be in the Erasmus scheme, go on years or semesters abroad, or find work experience in the EU. 

There is absolutely no denial that Brexit will affect students at this University in some way. 

SUSU is here for ALL students, not just home students. This is not a political stance that SUSU is taking, and we have offered no stance about whether we support or agree with Brexit in and of itself. We have a mandate from thousands of students to support a Peoples Vote and this came directly from the students. 

Brexit is and will be an internal issue for many months to come, and possibly years. SUSU is therefore dedicated to our student community in a multifaceted capacity that works for its best interests, and this means publically finding out their concerns and ensuring those concerns are being heard and acted upon. 

If you have any further questions around why we are working on and around Brexit, please dont hesitate to email me at 


Laura Barr 

VP Welfare and Communities 19/20


Question for: Vice President Welfare and Community