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Expand Jubilee Gym

The Jubilee gym overcrowding is becoming really dangerous. People working out with barbells almost touching the person next to them, racks almost touching each other. Everytime someone needs to cross the room, they literally dodge barbells to not get hit mid-rep. This is no longer about discomfort, it is DANGEROUS! Someone WILL get hurt one day! 

This is towards both Sport and Welfare officers! Sort it out or risk injuries of the students! 

Submitted on Monday 21st October 2019


Thank you for submitting this and apologies for how long it has taken for us to get back to you on this. 

The university has committed this spring to an expansion of the jubilee sports center, which will include more gym space. Obviously complications due to covid notwithstanding, it is highly likely that this will progress significantly over the next couple of years. 


Friday 11th Sep 2020 10:16am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Sports
    Friday 25th Oct 2019 1:20pm


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