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Make it clearer when Highfield interchange is closed to buses

Whenever the interchange is closed, for example today 3rd Nov, I still see tens of poor souls waiting for a bus that is never going to arrive. This is of particular concern late at night when people are running the risk of missing the last bus home. 

Submitted on Sunday 3rd November 2019


Hi there,

Many apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this.

Official closures of the interchange should always be accompanied with sufficient signage at the entrance and at bus stops, to inform passengers of alternative boarding points. After I raised your issue with University Estates and Facilities, they did an investigation and can confirm these notices were in place on the date in question. Closures are rare, and are either the result of a known University event or an unforeseen safety/maintenance requirement.

It might also be helpful to know that you can report any facilities related issues to the University Estates and Facilities team ( You are likely to get a more immediate response on issues like this and also helps to keep track of recurring issues so they can allocate resources and identify problems in the future better!

Kind regards,

Emily Harrison,

SUSU President, 2019-20

Thursday 27th Feb 2020 12:13pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 8th Nov 2019 1:11pm


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  • There has always been notices posted. People don't pay enough attention to their surroundings.

    Submitted on Friday 8th November 2019 20:20 by Cori Haws