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Ban smoking near university buildings entrances and bus stops

Smoking near buildings entrances or at the bus stops make it impossible to avoid the smoke inhalation for other people. Create dedicated smoking spaces to reduce the harmful effects of smoking affecting other people at the university campus.

Submitted on Friday 8th November 2019



Thanks for your submission.

It is currently the law that people cannot smoke within certain range of public places and buildings, and we do enforce this around SUSU buildings with signs. I understand however that some people do not follow this rule, so I will speak to the SUSU facilities team about enforcing that rule more often. However, it is not possible to properly enforce it 100% so it would be great if fellow students called out their friends or people they know when they see them doing that! 

I will raise this with the University Transport Manager and the University facilities too, and see if we can have more enforcement outside the Hartley Library and the Hartley Interchange. 

Thanks again for your submission! 

Laura Elizabeth Barr

VP Welfare and Community 19/20


Friday 8th Nov 2019 5:27pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 8th Nov 2019 1:15pm


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  • Why cant we consider banning smoking across the whole campus?.  Make three or four smoking shelters, WELL away from entrances, and windows etc, and make the smokers clear up their mess!

    Its unhealthy, unsocial and unnecessary.

    Submitted on Saturday 9th November 2019 16:20 by Deborah Winchester