Status: Complete

"Refill Not Landfill" Food Dispensers in the Plant Pot


I think these are a great idea! But there doesn't seem to be anywhere to leave suggestions for what foods we would like to see in these dispensers. 

Perhaps an online system could be implemented where students can vote for what they want to add, with the selection for 5-10 dispensers rotating based on this each month? 

All the best :)

Submitted on Friday 15th November 2019

Hi there,

Thank you for your You Make Change submission.

This was something that was discussed at our recent focus group for the Zero Waste shop. As a result, we will be putting up some chalkboards around the Zero Waste shop area for people to write their suggestions as they think of them. We will then collect them and put the products out to a vote.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with me via

Kind regards,

Emily Harrison,

SUSU President, 2019-20

Wednesday 18th Dec 2019 10:07am