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Replace the cube with a bowling alley

Replace the often unused empty space called the cube with a bowling alley that can be used through the day either as a hangover helder, lunchtime laught or evening event! Easy guaranteed money maker

Submitted on Tuesday 19th November 2019


Hi there,


Funnily enough this was actually an idea myself and Olivia had suggested at the same time. However when we discussed this, as fun an idea it is, practically it would take a lot of room up, would not be a versatile space and realistically  it would be unlikely to get enough engagement for it to be able to run.

To clarify your point about the Cube being an often unused empty space, isn't actually true! It is used a lot in the day time for lectures, it is Union films' primary space and is used multiple nights a week, it is a highly sought after society/club space and is the only appropriate or much preferred space for some groups (such as zumba who need the large space or Aerial Sports who appreciate the high ceiling), it is also used for events such as external speakers or catwalk for consent and of course it is our main SUSU event space which we can use for club nights, meals, award nights and balls - without the cube our capacity is drastically cut and we couldn't run most the events we do. If you log in you can actually see the booking grid for the Cube here to see when it's being used.

As I said it's a great idea but ultimately not feasible or practical for us to have. 



Fiona Sunderland, VP Activities 2019-20

Friday 29th Nov 2019 11:27am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities
    Friday 22nd Nov 2019 1:17pm


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