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Do more to support committee members

Currently, committee members are asked to support the mental health of their members which is doing a lot of good. However, the committee members themselves are often the people who are under the most stress and are struggling the most. As SUSU is asking these people to then have responsibiliy for others welfare too, it should do more to look after the welfare of the people on the committees.

Submitted on Tuesday 26th November 2019



Thanks for your submission 

I have recently released the WIDE (Welfare, Inclusion, Diversity and Equality) training, which provides detailed mental health signposting and support for committee members. This can also be applied to helping yourselves and helping each other. I appreciate (last year running 2 societies myself!) how difficult and overwhelming things can be- I will add in more direct content around self-care for the WIDE training. 

There is also Look After Your Mate training that the Advice Centre offers, and we always promote University support services, such as Enabling Services which students can always use for drop in, or 6 week counselling. 


Laura Barr 

VP Welfare and Community 


Wednesday 18th Dec 2019 10:58am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Welfare and Community
    Friday 29th Nov 2019 1:15pm


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