increase the budget allocation for each club and society with the help of the University

Debjyoti Sengupta submitted on

Tuesday 4th February 2020


I do respect the fact that finance is a huge issue for any Student Union, club, society or the University as a whole but I have a firm belief that the Student Union should seriously consider to increase the budget allocation for each club and society. The reason why I propose this change is because there are certain clubs which do conduct activities which cannot be completely supported by the budget allocated. This has a huge impact on international students because if they are to participate in the same, they have to take up a burden of a huge expense......especially those students coming from economically poor or developing nations. If the Student Union can raise the budget allocation for each club and society in Highfield, Boldrewood and other campuses, it will allow the club and society to attain its annual objectives and also allow them to take a right step in the direction of achieving their long-term goals. This will also enhance the international student experience along with easening up the financial burden of local students as well. I guess this matter should be taken under serious discussion.


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 7th Feb 2020 1:50pm

Hi Debjyoti,

I appreciate your frustration with the lack of funding available. I can assure you that we are already  consistently working with the University to negotiate the amount of funding we receive. Each year we allocate over £300,000 to clubs and societies and since 2013 have given out £1.89 million in grants to clubs and societies (which doesn't take into account the additional £35,000 allocated to groups and grants funded from different pots every year). Realistically there is no more that can be put into these funding pots and with the overall SUSU funding being cut it is more likely that we will have to look at how much we can provide in grants.

Whilst I understand that some more disadvantaged students feel as though they can not as easily participate in everything we do have a number of low cost activities provide and it is not possible for all extra-curricular activities to be provided cost-free. We are actively encouraging societies to look into sponsorship and other ways to help fund activities.


I hope you gives you a better insight into the amount that is already given out and how increasing this isn't as simple as just discussing with the University. However I would encourage you if you have subject specific activities to look into reaching out to the relevant school/faculty as they are sometimes able to help.



Fiona Sunderland (VP Activities, 2019-20)


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