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Hot Water Dispensers

As some of us like to make hot drinks during long hours at the lib with our own teabags, it's hard to do so without hot water. Are there any plans for a hot water dispenser in SU or the lib? 

Submitted on Wednesday 19th February 2020

Hi there,

Thank you for your You Make Change. We do currently have a hot water dispenser in the library. It is outside the cafe inside the library for students to use. I understand that you may mean on other floors, but that is a little more complicated due to the maintenance required, money, pipe work and staffing having to agree to the extra hot water points.

As for SUSU, we have got a hot water dispenser on level 2, by bar 3 (the floor with The Cube). It looks like a cold water dispenser but also does hot water. Likewise, you can go to the Plant Pot or Bridge and ask for hot water and they are more than happy to do so.

Kind regards,

Jo Lisney, VP Education&Democracy 2019-20, (

Friday 21st Feb 2020 1:29pm