Behaviour of Striking

Anonymous submitted on

Friday 21st February 2020


Can SUSU please monitor and ask the striking lecturers to be mindful of their behaviours on the picket line. Many are verging on harassing passer by students by almost forcing leaflets onto them and blocking crossings from uni to the library. Whilst I understand the cause, the choice to engage should be exactly that, a choice. As a third year who has been impacted every year I have been at the uni, I feel the message is lost now with a sense of annoyance and anger at missed lecture time. Please don't make it worse by forcing the strike action and message onto us, else the support will soon dwindle. 


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Emily Harrison submitted on

Thursday 27th February 2020


Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to submit a You make Change.

I have passed on your comments to UCU to ask them to act on.

If you'd like to discuss this issue any further please feel free to get in touch with me via

Kind regards,

Emily Harrison,

SUSU President, 2019-20.