Halls Committee Elections

Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 24th November 2015



This is my first year at the university and whilst the halls committe elections and subject representative elections were very well advertised by the Student Union, I was not made aware of the existence of Union Council elections or how I could attend a session until I'd spent 30 minutes searching through the "You Make a Change" section of SUSU's website earlier this month. Is it possible to advertise what the student council is/does/its elections/its decision making/when it meets through social media in the same way it was done for the halls committee and subject representative elections?



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Evie Reilly submitted on

Wednesday 25th November 2015



First of all it’s great to hear you’re interested in Union Council! We did in fact publicise the first Union Council meeting on social media via imagery, a facebook event, and some posters – but of course we are always looking to improve!

For the next Union Council we will have slightly updated publicity which will be shown via posters, social media, and on screens in the Union.

I will also be posting on facebook advertising the fact that any student can submit ideas to council before the ideas deadline, next Tuesday.

I will also be doing a vlog and blog about Council- and the next meeting’s agenda specifically next Friday before the Council meeting on the 8th December.

If you're interested, you can come along to Council on the 8th December, and there are still some Open Union Councillor places you can run for at the meeting.

If you have any suggestions of how we could improve things, please let us know! You can email me at vpdci@susu.org



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