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Extend student discount cards to other volunteers

This could be done either by letting committees of volunteering societies tell you who their dedicated volunteers are or by giving them to ebadge completers as an extra incentive. 

Submitted on Thursday 27th February 2020


Hi Corin,


Good news, we will now be expanding the volunteer discount cards to anyone who has an e-badge on Strive for Volunteering, this will include students who are not course reps/committee/officers but still make an impact by volunteering.



Fiona Sunderland, VP Activities 2019-20 (


Tuesday 3rd Mar 2020 11:12am

Hi Corin,


This is definitely an idea looking into. I think the main issue with that is if we have all members of volunteering society get the cards, people might just 'join' the society online but if we do as you you suggested and have committees tell us who their dedicated volunteers are, it's very hard to standardise and it may lead to them being given out a bit inconsistently. 

However giving them as a reward to eBadge completers is a really really great idea. I'll speak to the Learning and development team asap and see if this is something we can put in place straight away!




Fiona Sunderland, VP Activities 2019-20 (

Friday 28th Feb 2020 11:43am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities
    Friday 28th Feb 2020 11:38am


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