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Improve storage spaces for PA societies

Currently our music takes up an entire cupboard in Clubs & Socs, however this amount of space is not enough for the music folders to be stored safely. The music is piled up very high, too high for the librarian or most members of committee to comfortably reach, without straining their backs or shoulders and is genuinely a safety concern. Our music pads are incredibly heavy (rougly 2kg each depending on how full it is), and having to raise them far above our heads to store them is very difficult. There is a risk of dropping them from a height, or having them topple and hurt our members. Our librarian and many members of committee are under 5, 5” and struggle with storing and accessing the pads. The cabinet is approximately 7ft tall and very deep, meaning access is a huge issue.
A filing cabinet would allow some, if not all, of our music to be stored at a better height, in a more space efficient way that makes it more accessible.
I am glad SUSU are breaking down the clubs & socs wall into the second room next door and making the cupboard bigger. I really want to see filing cabinets for all societies. Brass Band applied for £100 funding for 1 decent filing cabinet and were denied with no explanation. This should be considered for all music societies, as a row of designated lockable filing cabinets for music is a more space-saving and safe way of storing important music.

Submitted on Saturday 29th February 2020


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    Friday 6th Mar 2020 1:08pm


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