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Lobby the University to change the policy where Semester 2 does not count towards your progression/classifiaction this academic year.

After being told that we were only able to boost our grades during this semester from all the hard work we all have done to be then told 2 weeks before the examination period that the marks we get this semester will only count if we are 2% off a classification boundary is not fair on us students.  The university believes that this is the best option for all students, get the student body is clearly unhappy with this as it makes us feel as if we have put all our hard work into semester 2 just to be told it doesn't matter. Here are quotes from students: 'Does the Uni actually believe this was the best option for us? What the?', '
It’s obvious a lot of people are feeling the same about departments announcements about Semester 2 not counting...especially if other unis are implementing the no detriment policy properly.' and a direct quote from the university -
“Don’t worry everyone, the no detriment policy means your grade can’t go down! Second-semester marks will only RAISE the average!” you can see we all feel cheated despite the fact even during a pandemic we all have been working our hardest to get the qualifications we deserve.

Submitted on Friday 15th May 2020


Hi there,

Sorry for the long hold off. As you would have seen, the university had emailed every student with the updated policy amendments meaning that semester 2 marks will be looked at (so if you did well in semester 2, they will move your degree classifiction up).

Hope that helps.

Kind regards,

Jo Lisney, VP Education&Democracy 2019-20, (

Tuesday 2nd Jun 2020 3:23pm

Hi there,

Thank you for your You Make Change.


I understand the frustration and I can reasure you that I have a meeting with the university staff and faculty officers to discuss these concerns next week. I will update you as soon as I can with this.

Kind regards,

Jo Lisney, VP Education and Democracy 2019-20, (

Friday 15th May 2020 1:37pm


  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy
    Friday 15th May 2020 1:07pm


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