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Reveal financial information regarding advertisements paid for by external companies

We should be able to see how much individual companies are paying to gain exposure to our student body. They are paying for the right to subtly promote their business and ingrain themselves in our minds, and true transparency means we should be able to see the financial figures. If companies are then uncomfortable to continue advertising with SUSU, perhaps that response would speak for itself...

Submitted on Wednesday 20th May 2020


Hi there! 

I have had a response from my colleagues:

Our base rates for companies are available publicly at, and most companies will be paying these rates. Unfortunately, the individual contracts are confidential from both SUSU and the partner organization. This is because there will be negotiations while offering or making deals with different rates for the benefit of both parties. We can and are working on publishing in a more accessible way our overall income as part of our ethical trading conversations to ensure we are holding ourselves and others to the standards students would like. 

I hope this answers your question! 


Laura Barr 

VP Welfare and Community 19/20


Thursday 25th Jun 2020 4:31pm

Thank you for your idea, 

I have passed this along to the relevant member of staff in SUSU to get this information. Our VP Education and Democracy has been working on an accessible and student friendly presentation of our financial statements where appropriate which has been understandably halted by the covid19 crisis, and Covid will also naturally change some of our information too. 

I'll also point out that we are currently in the process of writing an ethical trading policy which will hopefully address concerns. 

I'll respond to this when I have a response! 



VP Welfare and Community 


Friday 5th Jun 2020 1:33pm


  • Forwarded to Vice President Welfare and Community
    Friday 29th May 2020 1:05pm


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