How are BAME medical students going to be protected on placements?

Anonymous submitted on

Thursday 28th May 2020


Medical students are being told to be back on placements by the end of June. What measures will there be to support BAME students? 


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Laura Barr submitted on

Thursday 25th June 2020



Thanks for your question 

The protective measures put in place for medical students is up to the institution they are on placement at as well as the Medical school, and you can get in touch with them for a more detailed breakdown of these measures. We are aware of the disproportionate impact of COVID19 on the BAME community, and the government is currently measuring this impact and will be making recommendations based on this impact report. This will then be followed by those placement institutions, and we will need to wait and see what these recommendations are before we can work to contest them or suggest other ones. 

I hope this answers your question! 

Laura Barr

VP Welfare and Communtiy 19/20