How will we be protected if the university decides to block us from taking a gap year?

Alfred Taylor submitted on

Saturday 6th June 2020

Complete The universities of Bath and Goldsmiths have begun to reject requests from students to defer a year saying that the coronavirus pandemic is not a valid reason to suspend their studies. This is a massively unfair policy for disadvantaged students who may need to move home and support their families or in general for students who feel that £9450 or more is an unreasonable amount to pay if studies are going to remain online. As the university has been so keen to inform us that campus will be open without committing to in-person teaching it is obvious that there will be concessions made. How will the students union stand up for students who need or want to suspend their studies due to the coronavirus pandemic?


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Joanne Lisney submitted on

Monday 15th June 2020


Hi Alfred,

Thank you for getting in touch. I have spoken to the VP Education at UoS and he has said that the university will not be blocking students from suspending studies if they so wish to. However, there is no guarantee that the situation you come back to in 2021 will be any better than it will be for 2020. It would also be worth considering what you would be doing in the year out due to the uncertainty around COVID-19, social distancing, lockdown and potential 2nd wave.

Kind regards,

Jo Lisney, VP Education&Democracy 2019-20, (