How will SUSU represent students to ensure that the library is opened at the earliest opportunity, irrespective of cost to the university?

Stewart Bennett submitted on

Monday 10th August 2020


The university has failed to give valid explaination for why the library remains closed, when social distancing could easily be achieved across its 5 floors, this is further evidenced by the reduced volume of students over the summer months. It is therefore possible to reach the conclusion that the university is putting its own financial interests above their obligation to their students. How will SUSU apply pressure to the relevant bodies in order to ensure students tuition fees are being spend responsibility?


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Avila Chidume submitted on

Wednesday 19th August 2020


Thank you for your message. I have been in touch with the library team and they plan on reopening the library at the beginning of term. 

Currently, they are working on ensuring that health and safety measures are in place. Additionally, click and collect services are available, and printers on request. For large documents I recommend using the Print Center which is still operating. 

The health and safety of students is vital, and we need to ensure appropriate measures are in place to maintain safety.

More information will be available from the University regarding opening hours and how social distancing will be implemented closer to the time. 

Avila, VP Education and Democracy