Nervous returners

Anonymous submitted on

Thursday 27th August 2020


Hello Olivia and team,

Hope this finds you well.

Do you know when the university will release a plan of some sort to returners about how to keep safe when new freshers arrive?

I believe it is Cardiff who are making new and returning students sign a contract that everyone will sign to ensure that outside of campus, students act responsible... if not, they could face student disciplinary. Either could you confirm UoS are doing something similar or indicate when abouts they will have a plan/comms go out about it?

A lot of returners are worried. I know there will be a few who will want to house party or clubs etc. but a lot are worried how students will be held accountable.

Any info would be great! Thank you.


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Avila Chidume submitted on

Monday 12th October 2020


We understand the concerns raised and have been working closely with the University to ensure that student's safety is a top priority. All students should be receiving regular communications from the University and SUSU regarding staying safe on campus and off, track and trace, in addition to the changes taking place on a regular basis. 

We are working to ensure that students failing to follow rules and guidelines are dealt with appropriately. 


If you are experiencing difficulties then please contact the Advice Centre, who can be found here: // 023 8059 2085 


If you have anything you wish to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact me directly: 


Kind Regards,


VP Education and Democracy 

Question for: Union President