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run inclusivity training for all staff and committee members.

Inclusivity training should be run for academic staff and society committees, as some staff are unaware of how the language they use can affect students. For example trans students and thuse of gender determination instead of sex, or disabled students not being contacted before field trips about reasonable adjustments. 

Submitted on Thursday 3rd September 2020



Thanks for submitting this.

So far, we have the WIDE training which is available to club and society presidents - it aims to educate Presidents on student welfare, inclusion and diversity. Our current eLearning platform, Elevate, has a limited capacity, making it difficult for WIDE to be available to all Committee members. We are hoping to create a PDF version of WIDE that Presidents can share with committee members after they have completed the training. 

Additionally, the University and SUSU are constantly working to improve the training for academic staff, especially PATs. We will continue to lobby the University to make these provisions ahead of the academic year. 

I would like to hear more on the second half of your question (i.e. disabled students and reasonable adjustments for field trips) so please contact me at

Friday 18th Sep 2020 10:04am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Welfare and Community
    Friday 4th Sep 2020 10:09am


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