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Response Time

What is the average response time between a question being asked and it appearing on the you make change web page for the last year, the last 6 months and the last 3 months?

Submitted on Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Thank you for your submission.

We aim to respond to your questions and submissions regularly as they come in. We have weekly meetings where we assign questions related to each Sabb for them to go research into and then come back with an answer on. Unfortunately, COVID has created a backlog in questions, from before our time, which we are working to also respond to. Currently we aim to respond to the most recent questions as they are usually the most relevant to students, but some can take time to get responses on as they require University engagement. It is difficult to give accurate response times at this time. 

We are working to ensure that all questions are answered, and apologise for delays which may arise.

If you have any urgent queries then please email us directly, my email is: 

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VP Education and Democracy 

Monday 12th Oct 2020 10:54am