Ask students to have a decent quality microphone for live sessions

Lucas Pintilie submitted on

Wednesday 4th November 2020



I believe the university should ask students to have a decent quality microphone for live sessions such as seminars or other course/modules which require speaking with each other. I know from personal experience that even a really cheap (10~30 GBP) headset or stand-alone microphone will make a massive difference for the cost. It is not conducive to learning or understanding each other online if others use poor quality built-in laptop microphones or, even worse, headphone microphones (for clarification purposes, I am referring to the headphones you use for your phone, the in-ear ones). Laptop and headphone built-in microphones are usually the culprit for making it sound like we are in a wind tunnel. I personally don't think this would be too much to ask.



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Students' Union replied on

Friday 6th Nov 2020 11:05am

Dear Lucas,

Thank you for your submission. I understand the frustration which may come with technical issues. Please get in touch with your module lead to discuss how they can support students experiencing these issues. If you are experiencing issues contacting them please let me know. Your lead should be able to work with iSolutions to help students ensure that their adjustments are correct and they can effectively use their microphones. 

Kind Regards,


VP Education and Democracy 


  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy

    Friday 6th Nov 2020 10:07am


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