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Anonymous submitted on

Wednesday 25th November 2020


A good number of student groups can provide only a limited number of activities currently. Some, such as select sports clubs, can't provide any. Engagement is likely to be lower than usual as a result. These groups would be healthy and sustainable outside of a pandemic.
With a vaccine on the horizon, will SUSU be continuing with the policy of only needing to elect a president/captain at AGMs?


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Corin Holloway submitted on

Friday 18th December 2020



We've decided to continue with a 3-person minimum committee as 1 person often isn't enough to run a society effectively, but for societies who can't find 3 committee members, please email after running an AGM and we'll see if we can help or allow the society to continue with just one committee member.

Thank you,
Corin Holloway
Vice President Activities