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Work with the University to diversify special considerations outcomes / build safety nets

I am concerned that exams remain high-stakes and that the special considerations process seems unduly limited. The current set of outcomes is, understandably, tailored to students at risk of failing modules or missing a progression threshold. There is little on offer to support students higher up the marks spectrum, whose transcripts may still be detrimented by the pandemic. Assessments remain stressful for everyone.

Extra provisions have already been put in place for those directly affected by COVID-19. Given the prolonged period of online teaching and unprecedented numbers of students struggling with personal circumstances or mental health, it would be appropriate to introduce further measures: A less restrictive re-sits system, for example, could offer students a chance to improve on dissapointing marks, even if they initially passed.

Assessments should be made more forgiving this year. Modules could disregard the lowest mark in a series of pieces of coursework, for example. I understand that the university is keen to maintain the rigour of its degrees, but under such difficult circumstances a balance must be found.

Submitted on Wednesday 13th January 2021


Thank you for your submission.  


SUSU has been working hard to lobby the University to supply further support to students during these challenging circumstances. On the 21st of January, the University published communications to students about the issues students are currently facing and provisions which have been implemented to support them. Such provisions include the Special Considerations process being adapted to allow COVID impacts to be considered, such as bad wifi/ unworkable conditions, without the need for evidence. Please do check the University's FAQ pages for more information on provisions in place. 


I hope that the mitigations implemented provide you with all the support needed to do your studies, if you need support with any Special Cons. Applications, or extensions, please contact the Advice Centre: 

If you would like to discuss anything further please contact me here:


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VP Education and Democracy 


Friday 22nd Jan 2021 11:27am


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