Would the university be willing to offer/help pay for student eye tests?

Joanne Lisney submitted on

Wednesday 27th January 2021


I know people are wanting part refunds of fees etc. and unlikely to happen, but would they be willing to pay for or contribute towards students getting their eyes tested? We are all working online and our eye health is very important.

Thanks in advance!


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Nicole Akuezumba submitted on

Thursday 25th March 2021


Hi there,

Thank you for your submission. I took this submission to Enabling Services to consider, please see their response:

Whilst we understand the impact that increased screen time has had on our students and we have considered the suggestion that the University pays for eye tests, we do not believe it is a viable option for us to take forward. The procurement of eye tests and administration of this to students would mean that we would be unable to get this in place in a timely fashion. We also feel that the other financial support available to students in hardship is better targeted to support those experiencing financial difficulties due to the pandemic.