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With Covid regulations being dissipated on June 21 (providing the road map goes as follows), is there a chance for graduations to happen? There will be full football stadiums, and we could wear masks so it doesn't seem fair for graduations to be cancelled when everything else is running. 

Submitted on Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Unfortunately graduations will not be possible in the summer of 2021. Although the government roadmap current plan for opening up of activity by July there is no certainty this will be possible. The University needs to start preparations for graduation almost a year in advance.

However SUSU are planning to run a series of in person events in line with government guidelines to celebrate with leaving students and the University will be running an online celebration for graduation. The university have committed to running an in person graduation for everyone who has not had the chance, as soon as it is logistically possible and safe to do so. 

Friday 18th Jun 2021 12:59pm