encourage the university to stop pushing for graded group work.

Lottie James submitted on

Thursday 25th February 2021


Students can't meet with each other face-to-face and Teams fatigue is very real. Other than that, students are in different time zones and therefore it can be difficult to even arrange a time and have adequate timing for actually doing the work. Students are under enough stress as it is and with mental health declining, it can be difficult for us to keep up with our workloads, so when group work is added and the stress of having to manage it and find times and enough people (some of us haven't met the other people in our course), it can be stressful and leads to us getting bad grades from something out of our control. 


Here, you can view the complete set of official responses from the sabbatical officers regarding this submission.

Students' Union replied on

Monday 19th Apr 2021 11:16am

Dear Lottie,

Thank you for your submission.

We have presented this suggestion to the University's VP Education and who provided us with this response:

           "For some programmes, and particularly professionally accredited programmes, being able to demonstrate the ability to work as part of a group is a programme learning outcome, so not something we could simply do away with.  Doing so wouldn’t be in the interests of our students in any case:  coping with team members being in  different time zones and operating in teams that can’t meet regularly in person is not a situation confined to the effect of this pandemic – these are critical abilities for many kinds of employment.  Being able to demonstrate that they have experienced and managed this sort of situation already could stand our students in very good stead as they start to look for employment.

            All that said, we should emphasise that the factors the student refers to in their submission are taken into account in marking."



Please note that support is available for all students, therefore if you are experiencing any issues during your studies, contact your personal tutor, or the Advice Centre for support: advice@susu.org


Kind Regards,



VP Education and Democracy 



  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy

    Friday 26th Feb 2021 10:29am


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