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request the doctoral college to send more efficient reminder to attend their Gradbook sessions


I think the student union can act more towards university remiders for some training and courses. PGR students attend the Gradbook training sessions and we get  only one reminder 3 days ahead of session . I think students should get more reminders to attend like one day then 1 hour before the session. Students some times are occupied by many responsibilties and it is annoying to get the your Non-attendance email because they could have attended if they were reminded efficiently.

Submitted on Friday 26th February 2021


Dear Amina,

Thank you for your submission. 

We have passed this feedback onto the Doctoral Collage and will continue to work with them to improve your student experience.

Kind Regards,


VP Education & Democracy 

Monday 10th May 2021 12:42pm


  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy
    Friday 26th Feb 2021 12:21pm


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