Anonymous submitted on

Saturday 9th January 2016



I was wondering what date the grad ball will be this year?? I have adele tickets on june 9th so am praying its any day apart from then, however i am aware it was june 8th last year!!!

cheers, Molly


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Ed Baird submitted on

Monday 11th January 2016


Hello… it’s me  - Ben, the Union President. Grad Ball hasn’t been booked in yet, so I can’t confirm whether or not it will clash with your tickets to see Her Royal Highness Adele. Unfortunately, we have to pick a date depending on venue availability and highest probability of attendance, even though we’d miss Someone Like You. Rumour Has It there will be a student led committee this year helping to organise it – you could always apply to be on that if you’d like to have more input into dates. Either way, I really hope you get to do both and it all turns out Right as Rain.