Launch a Makerspace on campus

Patrick Butler submitted on

Thursday 10th June 2021


A makerspace provides a workshop/studio with tools and equipment for students to design, prototype, and build projects on any topic of their choosing, related to their studies or any other curiosity. 


While there are design studios and workshops on the Highfield campus, as far as I understand these are all department specific and only able to be used for coursework or research activities. A makerspace, by constrast, would be open to all students, creating a truly interdisciplinary environment and providing great opportunities for students from different backgrounds to share knowledge and ideas.Moreover, university makerspaces have become quite common and many universities in the UK already offer such a space (


The university has placed a heavy emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation—including a startup accelerator and a student enterprise office—yet there doesn't seem to be a space for students to work on ideas that are not part of their studies. This is very important for students that might not have the space or tools required to realise their ideas at home. A makerspace would then seem to fit well with the university's priorities, and of course, ideally the makerspace would be done in collaboration with the university and/or a faculty/department.


It is also worth mentioning the makerspace model is economical. Such places are largely run by volunteers with equipment and materials provided by sponsorship or donation. Some of the tools that might be available could include handtools, power tools, 3d-printers, soldering stations, sewing machines, etc.


Here's some links with further information:




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Students' Union replied on

Monday 25th Oct 2021 11:32am

Following a discussion with the University, there is work being done on this suggestion prior to this submission, for any student interested in the progress being made please feel free to email me at


Best wishes,

Ella Foxhall, VP Activities 

Students' Union replied on

Friday 6th Aug 2021 9:24am



This sounds like a great suggestion! Is there any chance you can meet in a few weeks time to discuss some specifics of the You Make Change?


Ella :)


  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities

    Friday 18th Jun 2021 10:07am


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