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ask the university to explore smartphone-downloadable id cards

Some of us poor souls often forget our student (or staff) university ID cards, making it difficult for us to get into and out of buildings without the help of our peers and colleagues. They're just so easy to misplace, and putting it on a lanyard or a retracable wire thingy can cramp our cool. But (in non-pandemic times) we use our smartphones on a daily basis to make non-contact payments and show our railcards and so on and so forth. Is there any way in which the university can enable us to "downbload" our student ID cards onto our smartphones, and tap into and out of offices and the library using them?

Submitted on Thursday 24th June 2021


Hello again. I'm scheduling a meeting with the Head of Education Services at iSolutions for next week to discuss this. I will now close this You Make Change and mark it as completed as it is now something the University is exploring and will be embedded as part of their strategies. 

Tuesday 7th Sep 2021 1:44pm

Hello! I spoke to Mal, the CIO & Executive Director of iSolutions, and he mentioned that Digital ID badges are something they aim to include in a network infrastructure upgrade as part of the University's digital strategy. I have been invited to the next meeting with iSolutions, Estates and Student Services so I can raise this and some of the points you made.  

Mal also invited you (the author of this You Make Change) to the meeting, but as you are anonymous, it is quite difficult for me to get in touch! If you see this and could get in touch, that would be awesome and I can send over the invite, but if not, I will make sure to raise all the points here and any further comments made by students.

I will send an update from the meeting as soon as it has happened. 

Friday 27th Aug 2021 2:53pm

Hi, I am still awaiting a response from the uni. I will chase this up today. Thank you for your patience.

Friday 20th Aug 2021 9:02am

iSolutions is in support of having the conversation of reviewing and modernising our ID Management provision. However, the university has not currently determined the ongoing strategy and therefore I (Lottie) will be liaising with further staff on how we can implement this. I have a bit more work to do so will continue to update this thread as and when I can. Lottie

Friday 13th Aug 2021 3:18pm

I am now waiting on a statement from the University's iSolutions team. Lottie

Friday 13th Aug 2021 9:45am

Hello, this sounds like a great idea. I'll speak to the university about it! Lottie

Friday 6th Aug 2021 9:08am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy
    Monday 28th Jun 2021 11:04am


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