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encourage student's and staff of Southampton University to use Ecosia

Ecosia is a free search engine that when used, plants trees all around the world to help with climate change. So far, they have planted over 130 Million trees. Not only do these trees reduce the amount of carbon dioxide on our planet, but they stop erosion of the Earth, provie safe habitats for wild animals, increase biodiversity, increase the Earth's supply of oxygen and so much more. Many other universities are doing the same. The university would get their own link so we can see how many trees we have helped to plant in real tme. This would also allow the university to be more sustainable and the university would be making a difference. 

We are a passionate group of young people who care about the environment and we have an Instagram set up, @southamptononecosia, to get more people to use Ecosia and they so they can not only learn about the search engine, but the environment and the climate crisis too. It would be great to have help promoting this page, but also funding to do events and sell stuff to also help promote ecosia. Let's make a change before it's too late. 

Submitted on Wednesday 11th August 2021


The University has said that making Ecosia the default browser for all students and staff may cause security and maintenance issues. However, SUSU are keen to promote the use of Ecosia in line with the sustainability strategy and encourage staff and students to switch to browsing with Ecosia, using the personalised link, to plant more trees and support saving our planet. 

I'd like to add SUSU are keen on any other initiatives to plant trees and look after Earth. This is especially a personal interest of mine so I'd be open to more ways in which we can look after nature and our environment. 

Friday 20th Aug 2021 1:26pm

Hi! I will be chasing the relevant people today as I have not had a response yet. Thank you for your patience! 

Friday 20th Aug 2021 9:04am

I have spoken to our iSolutions team, who are keen on the values that Ecosia offers and will now explore it further. I will also be taking Ecosia to our new Sustainability Officer to promote your campaign and raise awareness. Lottie

Friday 13th Aug 2021 9:47am

Hi Christina, I have just been assigned this YMC. I will be taking this to the relevant university teams to progress this further! Lottie

Friday 13th Aug 2021 9:12am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy
    Friday 13th Aug 2021 9:11am


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