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Make Wednesday afternoons for sports and societies like they used to be

They should be ensuring that professors aren't booking lectures or seminars for Wednesday afternoons. Wednesday afternoons used to be allocated for clubs and societies' activities but recently people are having lectures or seminars at this time. Therefore, students are being forced to chose between going to these sessions or going to their club or society activities hence this situation is negatively impacting mental health. 

Thank you.

Submitted on Wednesday 6th October 2021


Hello. I emailed the Head of Timetabling this morning and I was told that nothing should be scheduled for Wednesday afternoons for undergraduate students. This is how it was pre-Covid. It is being double-checked, but if you are seeing scheduled sessions for Wednesday afternoons, please email me with a screenshot:

Friday 8th Oct 2021 1:53pm

Hi! Thank you for the submission. I will now be following this up with the University's timetabling team to ask if anything has been timetabled for Wednesdays. As far as we are aware, Wednesday afternoons were supposed to return to a clubs and societies afternoon, so thank you for flagging!



Friday 8th Oct 2021 9:57am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy
    Friday 8th Oct 2021 9:12am


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