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Have a cooked breakfast available in Stag’s

There is currently no provision on Highfield Campus for cooked breakfast. This is an opportunity for Stag's to provide this missing and take a step ahead of the competition

Submitted on Sunday 10th October 2021


Dear James,

I am pleased to inform you that cooked breakfasts will be available from 9-11:30 am this Friday in the Bridge!

Best wishes,

Ella Foxhall

Monday 8th Nov 2021 11:18am

Dear James, 

I have consulted with our Head of Food and Beverage, and we are trialing a cooked breakfast in the Bridge to start over the next couple of weeks with a meat and vegetarian option, both priced at £3.50! When this is confirmed, I shall write again and let you know.

I hope this satisfied for now! 

Best wishes,

Ella Foxhall, VP Activities

Monday 25th Oct 2021 11:26am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities
    Friday 15th Oct 2021 9:18am


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