Evidence-based Policy

Anonymous submitted on

Wednesday 20th October 2021


What is SUSU's position on evidence-based policy making? What standards are in place to ensure that policies have the intended effects?


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Benjamin Dolbear submitted on

Tuesday 2nd November 2021


Hi - thank you so much for your submission. At the Students' Union, we base all of our policy decisions on all evidence available, which is why we have recently hired a new Insight Manager to support with data collection and collation. All policy ideas are scrutinised at multiple levels of our governance structure, such as the Trustee Board, Union Senate, the Senior Leadership Team, and the Sabbatical Officers. It would be interesting to know whether you are referring to any specific policies, in which case I could support you to understand the processes that we took before adopting them? I look forward to your response.

- Ben. 

Question for: Union President