Supply drink spiking test kits across the university

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Monday 25th October 2021


In light of the recent media focus on drink spiking, a lot of universities are taking measures to keep students feeling safe. This is great and I applaud the SU for pushing for drinks covers in Below Deck and Stags but the reality is that the majority of spikings will not be occurring in the Student Union but instead in popular external settings such as clubs and bars, including Switch, Trilogy and Jesters to name a few. 
Rolling out drink spiking tests only in the student Union will do nothing comparatively to making them accessible across the university for students to use on nights out or in accommodation whether that be halls or private, it shouldn't matter where people live.

Exeter university are doing a similar thing in rolling out spike test kits across their student bars and accommodation but surely Southampton can go one further and make them available to all students regardless of what bar they're going to or what accommodation they're living in. This shouldn't be something that is restricted on the basis of where people go out or if they choose to pay the university accommodation fees. 

Please can you consider making spiking kits available for all and easily accessible without the need for using the student pub/bar and living in university owned accommodation. Thank you


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Students' Union replied on

Wednesday 17th Nov 2021 4:42pm

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Students' Union replied on

Wednesday 17th Nov 2021 4:41pm


Thank you for your submission.

I am really pleased to update and say that the drink spiking test kits that we ordered have now arrived. You can get them on request at reception, which you can then take away and use at any venue, on any night out. We also have them behind the bars at Stags. Please do utilise them being available!

If you have any further questions regarding this then please email me at:

Kind regards,

Savanna- VP Welfare and Community


  • Forwarded to Vice President Welfare and Community

    Friday 29th Oct 2021 9:19am


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