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Bring back the vegan nuggets in the plant pot!

They were delicious. Favourite part of getting food on campus. 

Submitted on Friday 29th October 2021


Hello there. Thanks once again for your fantastic submission, and I've got some great news for you after a catch up with Gordon, our Head of Food & Beverage. At present, we have a fantastic meat substitute offer at the Plant Pot, and we also have a great selection of Jackfruit wings at Below Deck and the Stag's. More importantly, Gordon is looking at expanding the menu of Below Deck to include an exciting range of vegetarian meat-substitutes, for instance, plant-based burgers, perhaps nuggets, and Subway-style baguettes. I'll keep you updated, and thank you once again for the idea! 

- Ben. 

Thursday 11th Nov 2021 11:45am

Hello! Thank you for the great idea - I have reached out to the Head of Food & Beverage for more information and will get back to you soon.

- Ben. 

Friday 5th Nov 2021 2:16pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 5th Nov 2021 9:18am


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