Diversify the plant pot deli

Charlotte Thorpe submitted on

Friday 29th October 2021


The dressings are so plain. Would love more flavours, like sweet chilli.


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Students' Union replied on

Thursday 11th Nov 2021 11:43am

Dear Charlotte, thank you so much for your fantastic submission, which I fully agree with! I've just met with Gordon, our Head of Food & Beverage, who has informed me that exciting dressings like sweet chilli and sriracha are now available from the Plant Pot deli, and can be added to your meal on request. We have not formally launched these products, which is why you cannot yet see them on our menus. We are also looking at a broader expansion of our Plant Pot offer, which may include different pasta and bread bases, hot, Subway-style baguettes, and meal deals. I will keep you posted, but, I hope that in the meantime, this helps you out! Thanks again, and speak soon! 

- Ben. 

Students' Union replied on

Friday 5th Nov 2021 2:17pm

Hello! Thank you for the great idea - I have reached out to the Head of Food & Beverage for more information and will get back to you soon.

- Ben. 


  • Forwarded to Union President

    Friday 5th Nov 2021 9:17am


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