Serve pint mocktails in Stags

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Sunday 31st October 2021


Less students than ever are drinking at university these days. Even those who drink will not drink every night and for those who want to go out with their friends and not drink, it gets a bit tiresome only having options of things like lemonade, coke or J2O when alcohol drinkers get a vast range of different drinks. Please can we non drinkers get some exciting drinks too? Not drinking alcohol shouldn't be made to feel boring, especially when there are so many reasons for not drinking and with so many less people drinking than ever before


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Students' Union replied on

Thursday 11th Nov 2021 11:40am

Hello - thank you so much for your fantastic submission, which I wholeheartedly agree with. I have just come out of a meeting with Gordon, our Head of Food & Beverage, who has filled me in regarding the current situation. The F&B team have recently launched a brand new range of exciting mocktails in the Bridge and the Stag's, which are available as of now. In addition, the range of non-alcoholic drinks has recently been enhanced to include drinks such as Fenterman's, ginger beer, elderflower cordial, and our summer smoothies will be released in the new year. In light of your suggestion, Gordon and the team will also be reviewing the range of non-alcoholic drinks in all of our outlets with a view to expanding them substantially. Thanks again for the submission, and speak soon! 

- Ben. 

Students' Union replied on

Friday 5th Nov 2021 2:16pm

Hello! Thank you for the great idea - I have reached out to the Head of Food & Beverage for more information and will get back to you soon.

- Ben. 


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    Friday 5th Nov 2021 9:15am


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